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Connecting our members with decision makers

The Coastal Energy Alliance has several ongoing programs that work to educate decision makers, stakeholders and the public.  Our goal is to increase awareness of the impacts of local energy projects and to advocate for good, local, safe projects.

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Weekly Energy Bytes Newsletter for Alliance members

The Coastal Energy Alliance sends a weekly newsletter to its members that highlights the local energy industry across all issues- from renewables to oil and gas to utilities. We look at local, state and national headlines to keep you informed.

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'Meet the Industry' @ Board of Supervisors

CEA has a regular presence at the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.  Each month, members of industry attend and tell their story to the Board.  Elected officials need to know impacts on local families!


Community Outreach & Education

We meet with local community groups and provide educational material and local energy facts on policy, projects, and economics.


Defending Local Jobs & Key Projects

As projects are up for approval or appeal, or policies are under review, the Coastal Energy Alliance is there to support local energy and testify at hearings.

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